Monday, November 8, 2010

Auditions for Canadian Premiere of MAN BOOBS in November

Audition call by Village Scene Productions for the play ‘Man Boobs’.

Village Scene Productions is holding auditions for their early spring production, the Canadian premier of “MAN BOOBS” –by NY playwright J. Julian Christopher. This two hander is slated for production in Montreal the week of March 21st to 27, 2011, to be presented in English at the Rialto Theatre.
Man Boobs tells the story of two men about to embark on a night of passion until issues of obesity and self-esteem overpower their sexual and emotional connection. -After coming home from their fourth date, Marty invites himself up to Spence’s apartment for a nightcap. Following various attempts by Marty to get Spence into bed, Spence keeps on stalling. -Will Marty be able to get Spence’s clothes pealed off, or will he unintentionally get Spence to reveal something far more intimate than his naked body?

SPENCE: Age +/-30, body type is very over weight to obese. He is a librarian by profession. ‘Preppy’ in his fashion sense. He is masculine yet sensitive and with slightly effeminate mannerisms. He uses his quick wit and sense of humor and natural intelligence to hide his self-consciousness.

MARTY: Age +40, is a rugged everyman, attractive appearance. He’s stocky and heavyset, much like an out of shape athlete. He’s perhaps got a large beer gut/pot belly, overweight but not obese. Bursting with sex appeal and strong sense of self. He’s a manly-man with masculine mannerisms.

Auditions scheduled for the end of November, between the 19th and 26th, To be considered for a role and to schedule an appointment please forward a recent head shot and current actor’s c.v. to Please specify which role that you are interested in reading for. Only candidates considered for a role will be contacted for an audition. Open to both non-union and union actors. Interested candidates may consult a perusal copy of the original text, available at the QDF offices only, but not available for loan. Contact QDF directly prior to visiting their offices to ensure that it is open and available.

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