Friday, September 4, 2009

Christopher's Plays, ENLIGHTEN ME & THE DOORWAY TO RIGHTEOUSNESS, to be premiered in The One-Minute Play Festival on 9/13

It's theater boiled down to its essence. Sixty seconds from lights up to lights down. With over 40 of the BEST writers in the American Theatre, 6 directors and 30+ actors this is a weekend not to be missed.

PROGRAM A is Saturday September 12th 2009 at 8:30 PM

PROGRAM B is Sunday September 13th 2009 at 8:30PM

*please note that each program contains a completely 100% different line-up of plays!!! Get your tickets early, before they sell out!!

For tickets: Visit or call 212-352-3101 (please make sure you buy for the correct night!!)

Program A: plays by: Ashlin Halfnight, Emily Conbere, Bixby Elliot, John Devore, Michael John Garces, Jakob Holder, Jessica Litwak, Matt Olmos, Saviana Stanescu, Kyle Jarrow, Ken Urban, David Zellnik, Lanna Joffrey, Megan Mostyn-Brown, Liz Meriwether, Mat Smart, Mac Rogers, Andrea Thome, Matt Freeman, James Comtois, anton dudley, Christine Evans, Robert Kerr, Callie Kimball, Sam Forman, Padraic Lillis, Trav SD & more!

Program A directed by Dominic D'Andrea, Gyda Arber, and Brian Rhinehart

Brogram B: plays by: Callie Kimball, Clay Mcleod Chapman, Dave Anzuelo, Bixby Elliot, Kris Diaz, Christine Evans, Jeff Lewonczyk, J Julian Christopher, Courtney Brook Lauria, Adam Szymkowicz, Migdalia Cruz, Chiori Miyagawa, Ian Cohen, anton dudley, Michael John Garces, Matt Olmos, Saviana Stanescu, Crystal Skillman, Liz Meriwether, Matt Freeman, Matt Schatz, Caridad Svich, August Schulenburg, Daniel Talbott, Trav SD & more!

Program B directed by Jordan Young, Nicole A. Watson, West Hyler

Featuring: Toby Knops, Bryan Davis, Anna Kull, Melissa Dowty, Lee Dolson, Tyronne Davis, Rena Anakwe, Charlie Coniglio, Gino Constabile, India Macdonald, Vincent Pullara Jr., Moema Umann, Matt Walters, Jenny Schutzman, Abi Kornet, Tony Lance, Ashley Simona Baker, Irene Hsi, Anais Alexandra Tekerian, Jacob Murphy, Eryn Rosenthal, Michael Criscuolo, Art Wallace, Samantha Mason, Stephen Heskett, and many more to be announced!

Curated by Dominic D'Andrea

produced by Dominic D'Andrea & Toby Knops

Shstrng Prodctins is Dominic D'Andrea, Toby Knops and Ashlin Halfnight.

This production is being presented through HERE’s Autumn Artist Lodge, which provides artists with subsidized space and equipment, as well as technical and administrative support.

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